Swiss Italian mezzo-soprano Eleonora Vacchi is currently a soloist at the state theater in Bern, Switzerland where she was recently heard in the roles of Cherubino from Le nozze di Figaro, Siébel from Faust and Zerlina from Don Giovanni.

She recieved her training at the Music Conservatory of Karlsruhe under the tutelage of professor Maria Venuti and at the Conservatory for Music and Theater Munich under professor Marilyn Schmiege. There she performed the roles of Betty in Oscar Strasnoy's Le bal under the baton of Maestro Ulf Schirmer, Tirinto from Händels Imeneo, and in Phillip Glass' Galileo Galilei.

Early in her career she has collaborated with the Bayerischer Rundfunk, Maestro Friedrich Haider, and the renowned stage director Peter Konwitschny. As a member of the international opera studios in Nuremberg and Weimar, Miss Vacchi performed numerous concerts and productions including Mercedes from Carmen, Hänsel from Hänsel und Gretel, and Annina from Der Rosenkavalier.

Frequently in demand as a guest artist, she has appeared as Prince Orlofsky from Die Fledermaus at the historic Theater Meiningen, at Teatro della Tosse in Genova (Italy), at the Fränkische Musiktage Festival performing Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde (The song of the earth) and at Kiev Operetta Theatre.

Eleonora Vacchi is a winner of a prize for Mahler songs given by Christa Ludwig, of the 1.Price at Oper Schloss Hallwyl competition and a recipient of the Richard Wagner Association, Christl und Klaus Haack, and DAAD Foundation scholarships.

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15.08.2020Mozart / Rheinberg (Programm geändert)AltFreiburger Dom [↗]
14.10.2020Gehst Du nach Italien, so nimm mich mitLiederabendKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
17.01.2021JenufaKarolkaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
23.01.2021JenufaKarolkaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
26.01.2021JenufaKarolkaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
06.02.2021JenufaKarolkaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
21.02.2021JenufaKarolkaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
25.02.2021JenufaKarolkaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
06.03.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
09.03.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
16.03.2021JenufaKarolkaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
20.03.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
21.03.2021JenufaKarolkaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
10.04.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
17.04.2021The Rape Of LucretiaBiancaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
24.04.2021The Rape Of LucretiaBiancaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
25.04.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
01.05.2021The Rape Of LucretiaBiancaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
04.05.2021The Rape Of LucretiaBiancaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
08.05.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
09.05.2021The Rape Of LucretiaBiancaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
22.05.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
06.06.2021ParsifalBlumenmädchenKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
08.06.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
13.06.2021ParsifalBlumenmädchenKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
16.06.2021The Rape Of LucretiaBiancaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
18.06.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
20.06.2021ParsifalBlumenmädchenKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
22.06.2021NormaAdalgisaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
27.06.2021ParsifalBlumenmädchenKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
30.06.2021ParsifalBlumenmädchenKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
02.07.2021The Rape Of LucretiaBiancaKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
04.07.2021ParsifalBlumenmädchenKonzert Theater Bern [↗]
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Adolf Jensen – «Waldgepsräch» (Eichendorff)
Eleonora Vacchi, Gesang
Yutaka Nishimura, Klavier
0% played
Richard Strauss – «Geduld» (Gilm zu Rosenegg)
Eleonora Vacchi, Gesang
Yutaka Nishimura, Klavier
0% played
Hugo Wolf – «Auf einer Wanderung» (Mörike)
Eleonora Vacchi, Gesang
Yuka Beppu, Klavier
Così fan tutte — Konzert Theater Bern
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